Snug Harbor
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2020 Reservations  for short stays of 2 days to four weeks 
(go to LEASES page for lease info)

We will begin processing 2020 reservation requests in December 2019, and request payment by mid-January for advance summer reservations.  Please use the
2020 Reservation form to request reservations for cottages or RV sites for dates in 2020.  Note that only requests for 4 days or more will be accepted for summer dates between May 15 and September 15.  All other dates there is a 2-day minimum. 

If you prefer, you can print out and fill out the form and mail as directed on the form.  We will email you back which cottages or sites are available your select dates, and and send an email to request you mail in a check.  No reservations are final until paid in full.

Print out Form:  2020 Mail-in RESERVATION REQUEST.pdf   See examples below by clicking on each thumbnail:

No refunds and no change of dates allowed Add to reservations: 2 days or more prior to arrival
No refunds and no changes of dates accepted once reservation has been finaled and paid for.  No refunds for reduction in # of days.   If you can not come your scheduled dates, you can arrange for family or friends to use the site or cottage.  Please email reservations "at" to let us know of the changed plans.  Please give the name of the person who made the original reservation, the email the reservation is under, the dates of reservation and what was reserved.  We need this info to look up the correct reservation. last chance to add dock space, pets etc at lower online rate.  If you wait until you arrive, it is a DIFFERENT and higher rate, if there is even availability.

Why such a strict cancellation policy?  We are a small, private park in a unique waterfront setting, not a big mega-corporation that can absorb the loss from customers who cancell last minute. There is also ever-increasing cost involved related to staff time which increases when customers change dates or change what they want to reserve.   We prefer that our customers wait until they are SURE of the dates they want to come in, and not make reservations until they are ready to pay for the reservations. 
     Since 75% of the families who reserved RV sites in 2018 made changes, which cost extra staff time to process, we've come to the conclusion that we will not accept advance reservations for RV sites or cottages UNLESS we are paid in full and the person who made the reservation confirmed (via the online forms) that there will be zero changes or additional requests.  We are hoping to avioid the hassles and extra costs of past years where customers repeatedly made reservations and changed dates.  I
RV & tent site notes
Only the number of persons you listed in the reservation are included in the price quoted. No day use is available at this park.  RV Site limits are 6 persons of any age.  Base rate includes 2 adults.  Except RV 19 which is a group site, or double RV site and can allow up to 12 persons if arranged in advance.
NO DAY USE.  Please do not invite additional persons onsite at the last minute.
RESERVATION CHANGE FORM  no longer available