Snug Harbor
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Vacation Village...Annual leases to use as a vacation-2nd home paradise...
WIFI or DSL available onsite

Updated 10/16/2018:  YES, we have RV sites available for lease.  Most of our leaseholders have vacation-use only leases.
However, on occasion we can provide year round live-onsite leases subject to availability and leaseholder good credit verification.
Note that leases are annual and generally start in January.

We also have nice cottages available for short or longer term stays, subject to availability. 

Rates based on season and number of persons staying onsite.

We also have several covered berths available in peaceful Snug Cove:  28', 32' and 36' berth
available.  Minimum of 6 months lease for covered berths, not for live aboards

Please use the lease request form to contact us for a lease application, or to ask questions.  We can not quote
rates or availability without knowing how many people, the dates of stay, what size RV you have, etc.

We do not accept anyone for lease until such time as the lease application has been completed and reviewed and approved.  This process takes several days so do not  bring your RV onsite until you have a signed lease with deposit accepted.    If interested in leasing an RV site, here's the steps:


1. Fill out the lease request form  We will email you or call you to arrange a time for you to visit to see the available sites.
2.  Arrange to come visit to see sites available, and pick up a lease/credit application and lease copy for leases over 3 months.
3.  Complete the credit application for each adult to be listed on the lease, and pay $40 credit application fee, per adult.  Lease application can be dropped off at the office, or emailed to park owner (Nicky) who is the only person who is authorized to review and approve leases.  You can pay for credit check by credit card or mail us a check or bring it in.
4.  You will be notified when approved for lease, so that the lease can be filled out and signed BEFORE the lease starts.  You must
have good credit rating and/or no record of problems as a renter in the past, and proof of income source to pay for lease.

5.  Once all paperwork is completed, then the RV can come onsite to be set in the leased site.

RV Site Leases ...  2018-2019 Site leases available for ANNUAL LEASE or other shorter stays:  Rates are subject to change and best rates are based on minimum 10-12 month lease, paid in full at start date of lease,  vacation use, not primary residence. Rates based on vacation use of RV or cottage for 2 persons, 1 vehicle coming onsite.  Extra charge based on use for electric, propane and garbage. .   Go to Summary of Lease terms
Go to basic RATES page
 Note that the RV must be in good condition

RENTAL COTTAGES & Covered berths

cottage If you don't have an RV but want to stay onsite for an extended stay, depending on the time of year we may be able to accomodate you.  Use the lease request form or else call the office at 916-775-1455.  Proof of good credit, verification of employment or reason for need to live onsite for extended stay is required.  cost depends on cottage size, either studio or 1 bdr with loft, and # of persons staying onsite. 
32' covered berth $225 per month, minimum 6 month lease, all pre-paid. Plus metered electric use.  $500 security deposit and must have proof of insurance and boat must be in good condition.  Add $150 per month per person if living onboard.  Lease application and credit approval required.  available
36' covered berth $275 per month, minimum 6 month lease, all pre-paid.  Plus metered electric use.  $500 security deposit and must have proof of insurance and boat must be in good condition.  Add $150 per month per person if living onboard.  Lease application and credit approval required. available
48' covered berth $350 per month, minimum 6 month lease, all pre-paid.  Plus metered electric use.  $1000 security deposit and must have proof of insurance and boat must be in good condition.  Add $150 per month per person if living onboard.  Lease application and credit approval required. leased
open dock space We can accomodate boats to 50' in Snug Cove, with draft to 4.5 feet at low tides.  On Steamboat Slough side, we can accomodate to 60' with draft of 10' at low tide. availability

Facts on leasing your ideal Vacation "Home" setting at Snug Harbor:   Snug Harbor's offers annual lease packages we call our "Vacation Village" plan.  Our leases give dedicated Delta fans the opportunity to enjoy a waterfront RV site with full hookups and use of dock space for year round family vacations.  Store the RV on its site, and come out week ends or extended holidays.  Most of our leaseholders are vacation use, but we do accept a limited number of live-onsite leaseholders.  Or, if you want to rent for just a few months, we can do that too!  However, annual leases are the best value package we offer.

Included in RV site basic lease:
*2 persons, 1 RV, 1 Vehicle parking permit included in basic lease costNon-aggressive quiet pets included, up to 2 per site.  (includes RV storage on a specific site and staying onsite up to 60 days per year)
* Large waterfront site with water & sewer hookups: 50 AMP Electric billed separately, based on use
* 20 feet of open dock space for your ski or fishing boat available only while staying in the RV-onsite boat and trailer storage available for small storage fee.
* Use of privately-owned and gated family and pet friendly RV resort, including use of boat launch for 1 boat, sandy swim beach, clubhouse tent area, bathrooms with hot showers.
* site comes with use of picnic table
* 6 free non-cummulative guest days per month-so you can invite friends and family to visit with you!
* Once a month, non-cummulative, let your family use your RV while you are not there-ask us for the details on this new lease term.

Other amenities available for additional fees:
Can add additional family persons to lease: Maximum 6 persons per site
*Can add additional vehicles to lease, as a storage item
*Can live onsite, subject to lease terms, for additional lease fees and security deposit. However, note that we are in a flood zone so leaseholders who live onsite must have alternate location to reside if there is a flood in our area.
*Electric metered, additional fee based on use *** PGE raised our "time of use" rates so as of 2014 electrical has gone up per KW
*Access to WIFI (browser-based wireless internet) available onsite at most sites but there is an additional charge by an independent company.  You can also arrange for a land line for telephone or internet from Frontier Communications but we know from experience the company does not provide good enough internet service.  Your third option for internet access is if you have one of those "hot spot" capable-phones.  ATT cell service works well here.
*Covered or open designated berth rental in our Snug Cove marina
*Onsite storage of  boats on trailers

Please check out the Park Map to see where the Vacation Village sites are located  and Go to Summary of Lease terms  for more details of lease agreement.   

Phone (916)775-1455 or use email form

     We are located at 3356 Snug Harbor Drive, (use Marina View Circle or Port Lane for GPS) Ryer Island, off Hwy 84 about 36 miles southwest of downtown Sacramento if you use Jefferson Blvd. to reach us, or only 10 minutes from Rio Vista, using the Rio Vista ferry that runs 24/7 every 20 minutes except for 20 minute breakfast and dinner breaks. 

2018RV-SIlease.pdf   2018leasesummarysheet.pdf  2018_LeaseRates.pdf   EXAMPLECOSTS.pdf

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LEASE SUMMARY SHEET     1  2  leaserenewalquestions.pdf