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FAQ's & Template Help

What is the loading time of this template?

  • As is, the pages  load at around 12 seconds over a 56k modem and just milliseconds over cable or DSL connection. 
Can I easily change the colors on this template?
  • Yes, very easily, if you know how to work with a style sheet.  All our colors and fonts are controlled by an external style sheet, style.css, located in the root directory of the web.

How do I change the images in the flash movie?

  • To change the images in the movie, you will first make the images you wish to use the 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, then you will save them into the root directory of the web with the names used in the original movie, overwriting our originals:

    left1.jpg, left2.jpg, left3.jpg
    mid1.jpg, mid2.jpg, mid3.jpg
    right1.jpg, right2.jpg, right3.jpg

    If you do not choose to use the movie, you may delete it from the include_top.htm page, and place any same size static image in its place.

How do I change "" in the header?

  • We have included, in the images/design_elements/ folder, the layered yourname.psd file used to create the graphic.  If you have a graphics program capable of modifying .psd files, you may use that; otherwise, you may put your own logo in place or simply remove the graphic and type in your own company name in FrontPage.  Note that the is modified directly on the "include_top.htm" page, located in your folder list.

How do I change the copyright information at the bottom of the pages?

  • You need to do that only on the page "include_bot.htm" - the changes will be effective throughout all pages of your web.

Can I add more pages?

  • Certainly!  You can add as many as you wish!  Just use one of our blank page templates (template1.htm and template2.htm).  Go to the Folder List (View, Folders) and open the template or your choice.  As soon as it is open, go to File, Save AS... - then save it as the name you want your new page to have.  Now, go to the Navigation view (View, Navigation).  Is your Folder List open as well?  If not, the go to View, Folder LIST to open it.  Next, locate the new filename in the Folder List (it's probably at the bottom), left click over it and while holding down the left mouse button, drag it over into the Navigation Structure and drop it where you want it, so that it is underneath either the Home page or another existing page.  Repeat every time you wish to add a new page!

Can I put my own images in the text area of the page?

  • Sure - you can do virtually anything with this template you can do with any web.