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city,  zip code
phone  (...
website link ( not hotlink until payment received)

Special amenities:  (if available.  If not, delete this line)

RV sites with full hookups:
RV sites with partial hookups:
Tent sites:
Rental Cabins:  (# of cabins or "no")

Other onsite amenities:
Convenience Store:  yes or no or seasonal
Restaurant:  onsite or nearby or no
Clubhouse or group meeting area:  yes or no
Gas available onsite: yes or no
Propane sold onsite:  yes or no
Sanitary Dump Station:  yes or no
Bathrooms with hot showers:  yes or no
Laundry facility:  onsite or nearby or no
Type of electrical hookup:  30/50 AMP  or 30 AMP or 100 AMP
Boat docks: yes or no
Covered berths:  Yes or no
Boat launch area:  yes or no
Pool, lake, river or beach swimming:  yes or no
Gated park:  yes or no
Adults only park:  yes or no
Pets allowed:  yes or no

Nearby Attractions:
(list at least one, or the closest big city)



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